Life lived, move made

Well, I thought I’d need a little time to settle in after my move, and here we are, a year later.

I can’t say it was on purpose, but… it was a natural break. After a few months of research and thinking and exploring my sexuality it was good to simply live life with it as part of my mental make-up. Get some answers to questions that only time and experience can answer. Or just plain-old new experiences in a different place and culture. Because, yes, going somewhere else means, in part, reinventing who and what you are.

So I wanted to share some of that, likely less formally than previous posts now that demisexuality feels less like something I’ve studied and more like something I’ve lived. Hope it’s useful anyway.

See you around and I’m off to see what’s new in 2016, never mind that it’s almost 2017.


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