Want to Start an Asexuality Community Library?

My thoughts continue to rattle on… Because possibilities! Ideas! Let’s see what we have, shall we?

  • Several books published on asexuality, available online and offline
  • Many, many articles written over the past decades, on paper, by magazines and newspapers, on people’s websites, in blogs, in events…
  • A very active AVEN world watch forum where links and/or posts are published several times a day.
  • Video and audio media in goodly amounts, as well as multimedia projects.
  • Dedicated archives for media and zines.
  • Several people dedicated to writing quality reviews and offering information.
  • Media starting to appear in several languages that would be good to offer, and possibly offer translations or sub/dub versions…
  • Probably a whole lot more.

Collecting either references or the media themselves in one place might help visibility immensely. So I figure, let’s think about this as a group, shall we? Hypothetically or realistically, what would be desirable to have?

  • An online catalogue or database of existing media, with the emphasis on searchability and possibly reviews. Parallel: a library catalogue, for on- and offline media.
  • An online archive with copies or reviews (depending) of existing media, with the emphasis on preservation and offering a wide collection of literature to those interested in a variety of topics concerning asexuality. Parallel: World Watch, but then a website.
  • An online library with both existing media and new, where people can post, tag and review anything of interest, with an emphasis on offering a long-term place of publication and inclusive archive that worked to preserve as much of the media available on asexuality as possible, in several languages. Parallel: AO3/OTW, but way smaller.

Please tell me what would have your preference and advice you might have.

The third option is my personal preference, but it’d be the most ambitious project.

P.S. please do tell me if something similar is already in the works and I’m trying to reinvent the wheel.

P.P.S. I’m not trying to replace the World Watch forum, I think they’re a great help in signal-boosting newsworthy content, and I don’t believe in competition. I do believe that there’s room for a more flexible platform than a forum that would add to the pool of knowledge. I’m trying to see if that’s actually something other people want too. Keep in mind this’d be a long-term project that would take time to set up and grow, which’d fit in with the general growth of the asexual community, especially internationally.

(Crossposted to my wordpress and tumblr blogs and the AVEN Visibility forum. Please respond on your preferred platform.)


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  1. Responded on AVEN, but I figured I’d crosspost ehre since people often read only one or the other:

    Definitely a good idea.

    Things I’d like that I consider appropriate and feasible include:

    1. An index/catalogue/biblioography that lists known works, with short abstracts or summaries, and maybe links to where you can buy it or find it online (legitimately, etc.). Review would also be neat, as would some kind of reading list feature, but probably much harder to implement structurally. (think asexual goodreads?)
    2. An online, public, hard copy archive with PDF or HTML archives of works we have permission to include (which involves volunteers to seek out permission). Ideally also physically backed up on external hard drives or DVDs somewhere in case of tech failures.
    3. A private, offline, lending library that could contain works that we can’t publish online, on paper or DVD etc. Could be shared but might be somewhat restricted and a little less advertised?. (Might be a tad grey legally, but much less so than a public archive). This is also harder without multiple local hubs and some funding. Also this is where we’d want to consider working with experienced librarians or archivists.

    With enough volunteers, these could all be done – they’re not mutually exclusive. But it makes sense to start one first since resources are limited.

    With regards to World Watch, I think it’s good a link aggregater to help people keep up with what’s new, but the not-really-searchable, not sortable, not taggable format makes it not ideal for an actual permanent long term archive. (Also, AVEN’s own technical and server problems mean it’s not necessarily any more reliable than the blogs it’s trying to preserve)

    One suggestion for new/recent media articles – consider contacting the author and the publisher and inquiring about whether it would be possible to get free copies for the archive (esp. if an AVEN member is quoted) – many publishers will be happy to send you a comped copy.

    Also, I don’t know if anyone’s still in contact with the Asexual Librarian (their blog doesn’t seem active recently), but I bet they’d be a good resource for things like this: https://asexuallibra…wordpress.com/}

    Also, as a side project, a group like this could also be active in encouraging local libraries and general LGBT archives to include asexual materials; and maybe even in doing research to find new materials?

    I do some of my own private archiving and lending things to local aces, so I’d be interested in an ace historial/archiving/lending group. Maybe I’ll try reaching out to other local archivists that I know…


    • Wow, Sennkestra, thanks so much! I’m not even sure where to start. I think I’ll try to put together the suggestions several people’ve made into a coherent whole, but it’ll take some time. I do know that it’d be either a big project with a lot of people cooperating or something that starts very small… maybe that’s a good place to start, even, find a way for local groups to set up something managable, and then have groups share materials. It’d certainly be a hell of a lot easier to start up than a big project.

      You make some very good suggestions for materials to include, and I think it’d be great to get some good published materials as well, so thanks.

      I think local archives are also be worth checking out, especially for pre-internet material, though material might be sparse.


  2. Coyote was trying to put together a huge link archive a couple of months back, but I think everyone involved in that project got too busy and it fell by the wayside. Might be worth getting in contact with im?

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  3. I’m one of two people who already operate an Ace Zine Archive here: http://acezinearchive.wordpress.com This is a great idea!


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