After “Archiving” on World Watch is Adjusted, Still Asking Why

As a less newsworthy content creator, I’ve been reading about the dust-up between bloggers and AVEN from the sidelines.

Then I wrote a three-page email to AVEN, and didn’t send it.

Then I wrote a deeply sarcastic post for my blog, maybe the forums, and didn’t post it.

Both hid the questions I have and unease I feel. I can’t not speak, though. But… those questions have been partially answered to, so I just leave you with the following thought:

You want to preserve good content about asexuality?

  • Create an appropriate platform
  • Give creators free access or good communication channels
  • Edit content properly
  • State clearly what your criteria are, so people can submit as well.

At the time of writing, the tip-of-the-iceberg problem has been resolved, namely, blog posts are linked, not copied and several have been removed upon request. I’m still wondering about the rest of it…

Further Reading

  1. Asexy Zine Archive
  2. Asexuality Media Archive
  3. Organisation for Transformative Works
  4. What Price Visibility, by Ace-muslim in the Asexual Agenda
  5. Not Cool, AVEN, by Prismatic Entanglements
  6. Archival Controversy by Cake at the Fortress
  7. Redbeardace’s good explanation of why readers are a blogger’s lifeblood
  8. AVEN Thread discussing the policy.

About demiandproud

I am a demisexual Christian Dutchwoman who explores the vagaries of what the intersection of those identities means. On my main blog I post a few times a month, my favourite being participating in the Carnival of Aces. I'm exploring writing about my orientation elsewhere. The pride flag in my profile picture was created with 4 eye pencils (black, purple, silver and white).

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  1. I would love to see the archive project happen… at a LIBRARY. Because who thinks “time to research some historical data… hey I know, this forum will have what I’m looking for!” Seriously? Ugh, so frustrating.

    Surely there must be some asexy librarians around somewhere.


    • I was thinking more about a small-scale non-fiction version of Archive of Our Own? Volunteer-run author-controlled content, very reader-friendly, good search-ability, actively incorporating content that might otherwise be lost. Especially since a lot of the community is online.

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      • And it would need to promote the original source over the archival copy. Part of what rang hollow about the AVEN issue is that a good chunk of what was being copied were blog posts from a couple of days ago, hardly history at risk and in need of preservation. I don’t think I’d mind it if there were a true archived copy of my sites living on a hard drive somewhere, what bothered me most about the situation was that I was essentially competing with my own work for eyeballs.

        I think I’ve said before that this kind of thing was my original plan for Asexuality Archive (hence the name…), but I gave up on it because I couldn’t figure out what to do about the stolen pageviews and stale content problems. (Although my vision was completely opt-in and I would have gotten permission for everything I included.)

        Regarding an actual library… I seem to think I got an email from someone who was thinking of starting some sort of library archive of asexuality info. I think it might have been someone at the Kinsey Institute, I’m not sure. But that was probably three and a half years ago, and I don’t know what ever happened with that.

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      • Yes, I agree it’d be more about content from the past years than from recently… which I think’d be a lot easier to get permission for too.

        I’ve heard several people have tried to start something similar in the past… and even now see some enthusiasm. I think it’d have to be started either on a very small scale or backed by either a group or organisation. This isn’t something to do alone or in someone’s spare time, I don’t think… but it’s great to see some good feedback, so I think I’ll definitely try to put the ideas proposed so far into a logical whole, if only to provide something for future efforts.


    • This is also what I was thinkig basically. Can we get some folks who actually understand the ethics abd legality of digital archivist (I.e. an actual digital librarian/archivist) on this project? Because it’s important one, but you can’t just decide to save distribute other people’s work like that :/

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