Carnival of Aces in July

The problem with being a newbie is, you’re a newbie. I’ve been exploring ways to talk about asexuality from a historical perspective, hopefully involving my own country. I wanted to contribute to this month’s Carnival of Aces and I can’t. I do not have the experience to feel the weight of some issues over others, or even to get all the facts straight or set up a proper timeline.

Someone already made a timeline, by the way, it’s very cool. Go check it out.

Rather than broaden the scope so I’m regurgitating material everyone can read on the internet, or pretending I’m the expert I’m not… I’m going to change the approach to suit what I have found. The exploration taught me I need to start getting my facts and words straight by getting up to date with the current literature a bit more. As a cisgender white female, sexuality indeterminate, there’s a great deal I’ve never thought about or questioned.

When you don’t speak up, the nice heteronormative sorting hat puts you in with the silent majority, after all. And I’m Hufflepuff, not Gryffindor.

So yes, I’m going to be starting yet another blog post series, this time exploring those things I’ve been getting wrong by being straight-by-default until very recently. If you want to know how far my thoughts on the subject have developed so far, go read blog posts “Dimensions of Sexual Self, Sexuality and Relationships” and “In search of a lexicon

Since this means that I’m going to mess up the standard neat model view of sexualities I’ve had in my head so far by adding, y’know, messy reality, we’re going to be calling this series Unstraightening My Facts. Because tacky titles make me smile.


About demiandproud

I am a demisexual Christian Dutchwoman who explores the vagaries of what the intersection of those identities means. On my main blog I post a few times a month, my favourite being participating in the Carnival of Aces. I'm exploring writing about my orientation elsewhere. The pride flag in my profile picture was created with 4 eye pencils (black, purple, silver and white).

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