The Creative Demisexual: God, Why Sexualities?

God, Why Sexualities?

Called diseases, mistakes, abberations
What use could be these variations?

When God is proclaimed infallible
And church, institution, impregnable

Unwelcome for those that don’t fit
Dismissed and condemned to the pit

If any sinner can make heaven home
But for a sexuality should be left in the cold

That leads down a well-travelled road
And not one that offers much hope

Suppose, then, that God’s will is good
Why the differences, what could be the use?

If love should come in countless forms
Desire and gender blur lines even more

As undefinable as life and death*
When proper labeling eludes us yet

Makes us delve deeper, seeking wisdom
Discovering more until Kingdom come

The use of multiple sexualities could be
That we continue to seek what it means –



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