The Creative Demisexual: Physicality


In my G-rated fantasies

You are he, sometimes she

Whose ear I trace down to your neck

Clasp the bump that crowns your spine

The collarbone on the other side

We do not kiss: I smile, you back

And I, lost in the glint in your eye

Wish to drink in all thoughts in your mind

Wish to share all the times in your life

The future in deeds, the past in the night

Told when we lie in bed, sleep drunk

Not post coital at 2 am

But brushing together, the warmth

The best gift of your body, and your soul

In gentle words and gentle hands

Ever touching, never straying

Towards parts that blood won’t swell

When this scene cuts off – we will sleep

Not groaning, creaking

But snoring, dreaming


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