Demisexuality and Mental Health, a series

The coming two weeks, I’ll be posting short, daily posts about how demisexuality and mental health were related in my case. The occasion is the Carnival of Aces, an writing initiative for asexual visibility that changes hosts and topics every month. This month’s topic is Asexuality and Mental Health, and its host Prismatic Entanglements will be collecting the contributions for A worthy cause.

The call for submissions had an excellent list of prompt questions, which is what turned a single blog post I wanted to contribute into a series. I feel it’s be more readable that way. Watch for titles starting with “Demisexuality and Mental Health” and the tag “demi & mental health”, created along with this post.

About demiandproud

I am a demisexual Christian Dutchwoman who explores the vagaries of what the intersection of those identities means. On my main blog I post a few times a month, my favourite being participating in the Carnival of Aces. I'm exploring writing about my orientation elsewhere. The pride flag in my profile picture was created with 4 eye pencils (black, purple, silver and white).

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